The Orbital Business Cloud API

Orbital is proud to offer application developers and companies new ways to integrate our technologies.Our new offering is “Business Core as a Service”.
The business core is a standalone component that we run in a cloud provider of your choice.
We include a full stack of all our technologies.
Openstack, AWS, Rackspace, HP Cloud and Azure are all supported.You can use our default interfaces or develop your own with the API.
In 2016 Orbital will be rolling out an API  (Application Programming Interface ) that allows access to ALL business data tracking and manipulation through industry standard REST calls.
The decision to share out an API in such a manner means that people building products based on our platform can now have more control by leveraging all the core business data we track.

Feel free to email us at to learn more.

Below are a few screenshots of how we are using our API to connect business data to virtual reality. Anything is possible with our platform!
OrbitalVWorld1     orbitalvworld2

The Full Stack

The Orbital Business Platform is a suite of business modules that work together to provide all your business data tracking needs in one place.    The core module data can be accessed by our open source interfaces or your own custom integration using the API.  The default platform interfaces are configured with your logo and corporate colors.
The modules at a high level are listed below.   Please click on a Module below to see all the details of the module.

  • CRM - Add your Customers as Companies and Individuals into the system,  Track communications and attach documents to profiles.  Track growth of new clients.
  • TIME TRACKING – Track Time for Services and create advanced Time allocation reports.  Define Services and tasks to really break down the labour.
  • PRODUCT MANAGEMENT – Add your products to the system and track their quantities, set prices, and organize them into logical groups.  Products are used in many other modules.
  • COURSE MANAGEMENT – Create and manage courses / training items. Schedule them and complete them to finalization and automatically issue certificates. 
  • INVOICING – Create Invoices from time tracking, product sales, or course management.   General invoices can also be made and can auto post to accounting ledger.
  • SHIPPING & RECEIVING – Properly manage inventory as it enters your doors.   Create commercial invoices and packing lists as you are ready to ship.
  • PURCHASING - Issue Purchase orders and enjoy the automatic connection to receiving and accounting.  Inventory is also intelligent and can notify on low thresholds.
  • INVENTORY SUPPLY CHAIN – Track inventory across multiple physical locations.  Track inventory moves and modifications.   Create Stock Transfer Orders and even track inventory on mobile units.
  • COMPETENCY MODELING – Create Competence and Skill models that are outside training and course certifications.   Competencies can be ascribed for the whole workforce then measured.   How smart is your workforce?
  • ACCOUNTING - Create a Financial Model representing your company with a chart of accounts in a professional double entry ledger.   Enjoy the linking of client receivables owing , purchasing, sales and invoices all integrated. Auto-send with PDF invoices through email.
  • E-COMMERCE – All Business Platforms come with a configurable Web Store front end where you can setup Credit Card processing and Bitcoin Processing direct to your Account.   Enjoy the convenience of your web store tied to real time supply inventory and linked to client receivables and accounting.
  • MANUFACTURING- Create Widget Cost Aggregates of Labour/Material/Equipment.  Assign time and cost factors to each atomic item.  See profit margins immediately.  Record batch production into inventory.  Manage raw Product and Finished Product in one system and product compositions.  Enjoy the convenience of your manufacturing linked to sales and inventory.


More Features

The features of the Orbital platform is that you can do more from one core.  You no longer need to buy separate service from separate SaaS suppliers.   We store the data efficiently with the proper integrities and proximity so everything is easily in reach making it even easier to customize the platform.

Orbital has cloud built in.  We scale so you don’t have to.  We load balanced requests coming into your platform to ensure fast prompt access and measure performance to maintain it.

The underlying database technology of our platform is clustered and backed up daily. The size is scalable in the cloud automatically so there are no limits.

Each Business Core is protected by Multiple Firewalls and all traffic is routed over https using SSL and high bit encryption certificates.

The API server sits alongside the default web interfaces ready to handle your custom needs.  It also shares all the same benefits above.